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Yocan Orbit Glass

Yocan Orbit Glass


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About the Yocan Orbit Replacement Mouthpiece

The Yocan Orbit Replacement Mouthpiece is a glass mouthpiece specifically made for the Yocan Orbit wax pen. This mouthpiece is made from high-quality glass and features a fan-like silicone piece that makes the Yocan Orbit a unique device. That said, it’s best to keep one of these replacement mouthpieces in your arsenal, just in case you lose or break the one that came with the device.

High-Grade Glass

As we’ve briefly covered above, the Yocan Orbit Replacement Mouthpiece is made from high-grade glass so it can withstand a significant amount of heat without affecting the overall integrity of the glass piece. However, the best benefit its high-quality glass construction can offer is its ability to preserve the quality of your vapors. Made with superior quality glass, the Yocan Orbit Replacement Mouthpiece ensures that it will not let out any unwanted taste or smell that will affect the natural aroma and taste of the vapor.

That said, the Yocan Orbit Replacement Mouthpiece is the perfect glass mouthpiece for those who like to taste the terpenes and enjoy the aromatic benefits of their favorite wax concentrates. So, whether you consume your extracts for medical or for recreational purposes, the high-quality glass mouthpiece of the Yocan Orbit is sure to make you switch.

Fan-Like Silicone Piece

One of the unique features from the Yocan Orbit Replacement Mouthpiece is its fan-like silicone piece. For one, this fan-like component works to prevent spitbacks that can harm your lips and put off your appetite for dabbing. When the wax concentrates are heated at a high temperature level, the heated concentrates bubble up. When the bubbles burst, the hot wax can reach your lips or your tongue and can cause minor injuries. The silicone fan stops that from happening and ensures that your lips are safe and protected from being burned.

The other benefit of the fan-like silicone piece is that it promotes better airflow by creating a vortex when you inhale from it. The fans aid better vapor delivery which reduces the stress from your breathing when you inhale from the Yocan Orbit Replacement Mouthpiece. The spinning action of the fan not only help you inhale better but also slightly cools down the vapors making each draw more comfortable.
The fans work hand in hand with the two quartz balls in the coil and together promote even heating and better vaporization of your select wax concentrates.

Easy Maintenance

The Yocan Orbit Replacement Mouthpiece is a component that’s easy to maintain. Thanks to its ingenious design, the glass mouthpiece connects to the base of the Yocan Orbit by way of rubber O-rings. This makes removal and replacement of the mouthpiece easy plus it also prevents unnecessary material buildup.

Cleaning is also a breeze as you need only basic household cleaning materials to keep the Yocan Orbit Replacement Mouthpiece in good condition. A solution of warm water and isopropyl alcohol is enough to remove dirt and leftover wax. A piece of cotton swab can help you for thorough cleaning.

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