Grow Tent Kit Builder

1. Choose Your Grow Style:

Here at Canna Cribs LLC, we recommend starting with Low Stress Training (LST) and have these displayed below

As a rule of thumb, consider these allocations for each plant per square foot:

  • Sea of Green: 1 square foot 
  • Medium Grows: 4 square feet 
  • Screen of Green: 0.25 square feet 
  • Topping: 0.75 for Topping
  • Low-Stress Training: 2 square feet 

Remember that these growing styles have respective advantages and disadvantages. So it would be good to consider that in choosing your grow tent.

2. Choose How Many Plants You Want to Grow:

1-2 Plants

Yield: 1-10oz

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3-4 Plants

Yield: 3-20oz

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5-6 Plants

Yield: 5-30oz

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7+ Plants

Yield: 7 - unlimited oz

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