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VPD Thermometer Handheld Environmental Monitor

VPD Thermometer Handheld Environmental Monitor

AC Infinity

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  • A digital thermal gun designed to measure plant leaf VPD for optimized control over your grow environment.
  • Captures environmental data that can be used to calibrate smart controllers that manage grow devices.
  • First of its kind to measure air and leaf VPD, in addition to ambient temp, leaf temp, and relative humidity.
  • Infrared technology utilizes 12-point laser positioning to precisely highlight your exact area of measurement.
  • Automatically saves the historical data from your previous readings to track shifting climate conditions.


A highly innovative laser thermometer gun designed to instantly measure leaf VPD, air VPD, ambient temperature, leaf temperature, and relative humidity to precisely calculate true VPD data. Using these environmental figures, you can calibrate your smart controller so it can accurately detect the climate and trigger your grow devices at precise times. This is the first of its kind to track the VPD (vapor pressure deficit) of your plants and the surrounding atmosphere, allowing you to make pinpoint adjustments for optimal nutrient uptake. It can also review past readings so you can closely monitor changes in your climate. The sensor utilizes infrared technology to capture measurements using 12-point laser positioning, ensuring an accurate reading over a wide range of distances. The programming can even adjust for a surface’s emissivity, ensuring greater accuracy by accounting for efficiency in emitting thermal radiation, which varies from surface to surface.


This wholly unique instant environmental monitor measures VPD, temperature, and humidity levels to promote successful plant growth. Fit for use in horticultural settings like gardens, grow tents, grow rooms, and greenhouses to support ideal growing conditions. This meter can also aid in calibrating VPD-enabled smart controllers by helping to measure leaf offset for more precise leaf VPD readings.

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