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Nirvana Seeds Blue Dream Auto Feminized Seeds 5 Pack

Nirvana Seeds Blue Dream Auto Feminized Seeds 5 Pack

Nirvana Seeds

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Nirvana's Blue Dream Autoflower seeds

Blue Dream Autoflower seeds turn into easy to grow, sativa dominant hybrids. With a flowering time of just 9 weeks from seed to harvest, she is ideal for beginner growers looking for a large producing, fast flowering and low maintenance autoflowering variety packed full of fruity terpenes. Well suited for first time growers, or those with little experience growing.

We have managed to create a sativa-dominant autoflowering feminized hybrid that has inherited all the best from its parents. She is highly resistant, easy to grow, does not require a lot of maintenance and gives off an unforgettable, sweet berry flavor and epic yields of top shelf flowers. Created by crossing our Blue Dream mother with our stud autoflower male, the result is a match made in heaven!


Our Blue Dream Autoflower is a highly resistant and solid performer both indoors and outdoors, in all climates. Growers living in hot climates can enjoy growing this autoflowering variety outdoors on a terrace or balcony, as she requires little maintenance.

Like the photoperiod version, this hybrid will have high THC levels of 19.5% on average, and be clustered in resin, making her an excellent choice for hash makers and extract artists. Well suited for beginner or expert growers, and anyone who enjoys a euphoric, upbeat effect and wonderful complex flavor. 

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