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HygroHub Handheld Bud Trimmer Scissors D100

HygroHub Handheld Bud Trimmer Scissors D100


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Hygrohub electric bud trimmer scissors are designed with 2 different blades for both dry and wet trimming for hydroponic plants, but also good for cutting branches in week 3 and week 6 for better harvest

Hygrohub bud trimmer is easy to adjust the desired speed at any time, and easy and precise trimming work for any size of flowers.

Hygrohub bud trimmer only weighs 326g. You can work long without fatigue, and the bud trimmer is easy to maneuver.

This bud trimmer is made of a premium brushless motor that bypasses motor fatigue or overheating.

Our bud trimmer will stop cutting when cutting hard things. This trimmer is designed for fan leaves and extra branch trimming.

Low noise, you can do the trimming work while watching TV. If the leaves stick to the buds and it is hard to trim, just pick them up with the tip of the trimming blade.

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