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ExHale 365 Self Activated CO2 Bag

ExHale 365 Self Activated CO2 Bag

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If you are looking for a natural, cost-effective method to add carbon dioxide to your grow room, you need the ExHale CO2 Bag. This is a great way to increase grow room CO2 without investing in CO2 burners or tanks, or dealing with gasses indoors. It works best for medium to large grow rooms, and is guaranteed to provide a 6' x 6' coverage (288 cubic feet) of CO2 for up to 6 months. It even includes a freshness seal that doubles as a hanger!

Features Of The ExHale CO2 Bag

  • Steady supply of CO2 for 6 months guaranteed
  • Maintenance free
  • No heat
  • No electricity
  • Patent pending genetics
  • Suitable for Organic Production
  • Made in the USA

How to Use The ExHale CO2 Bag

The ExHale CO2 Bag is as easy to use as it gets. Simply follow the included instructions, and you can forget the bag is even hanging there, knowing it is doing its job to increase yields. When hung in your grow room, it will provide a continuous stream of CO2 to your grow groom and increase growth rates and thus yields, assuming you have relatively powerful grow lights.

ExHale comes complete, simply follow the instructions and place the ExHale bag in your grow space and leave it alone to do its job.

A continuous shower of CO2 directly onto your plants is the most efficient way to deliver CO2. Placing the ExHale CO2 Bag slightly above the level of your plants will ensure they receive the CO2 they need 24 hours a day for up to 6 months.

You can use this bag throughout the vegetative stage along with flower without worry. Simply place it near your fresh air intake system to help with the dispersion. CO2 will be pulled up through your plants canopy, dousing them with a healthy dose!

If you have a ventilation system, place the ExHale bag in close proximity to the fresh air intake.CO22 will be drawn upwards through the canopy.

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