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BuildASoil Craft Blend 3lb

BuildASoil Craft Blend 3lb


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Craft Blend weighs about 8.3 Ounces per cup

Ingredients all Equal by Weight:

  1. Thorvin Premium Kelp Meal
  2. Black Soldier Fly Insect Frass
  3. Alfalfa Meal
  4. BuildASoil Organic High P Bran
  5. Camelina Meal
  6. Crustacean Meal
  7. Fish Meal
  8. 3x Fish Bone Meal
  9. Soybean Meal
  10. Sul-Po-Mag (Also Known as K-Mag or Langbeinite)
  11. Organic Malted Barley
  12. Volcanic Tuff
  13. Micronized Basalt - Blue Ridge Meta
  14. Gypsum
  15. Oyster Flour
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