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Blue Dream 5 seeds

Blue Dream 5 seeds

Atlas Seed

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Blue Dream Feminised is an inbred, sativa-dominant variety. The original Blue Dream was produced by crossing Blueberry and a Haze strain. It offers high THC levels, reasonable resistance to mould and some great yields. Atlas Seed claims 99.99% female plants from these photoperiod seeds.


As well as having good tolerance to cold and drought conditions this is an extremely vigorous strain that can grow very big plants, especially outdoors. It is often necessary to undertake pruning more than once during its cycle in order to exercise a degree of control. Flowering indoors will take between 7 - 9 weeks. Colas are nice and long and yiellds are heavy.


Both scent and flavour of Blue Dream are complex; Haze, citrus fruit and cedar on the nose with a palate of lemon, pine, incense, ripe fruit and Haze. The THC content lies between 20 - 28% and the effect is cerebral, uplifting and long-lasting

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