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AC Infinity UIS Lightning Daisy-Chain Adapter Dongle

AC Infinity UIS Lightning Daisy-Chain Adapter Dongle

AC Infinity

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An RJ11/12 dongle designed to sequentially connect multiple LED grow lights to different brands’ digital controllers. Daisy-chain UIS lighting devices like our IONBEAM, IONBOARD, and IONFRAME Series while utilizing your current controller and grow operation workflow. This will allow you to mix and match grow lights of different brands together in your existing grow room system. Its adaptable build is engineered with premium cables to ensure a longer reach and firm connection. Compatible with controllers that are built with RJ11 or RJ12 ports.


This dongle is used to link many UIS grow lights in a daisy chain sequence to a single RJ11/12 controller port. It can also connect to UIS controllers via a UIS Type-A Lighting Adapter (not included), using the included RJ11 cable to extend your grow light’s reach in large grow systems. Compatibility includes future UIS lighting devices, as well as the following:

  • IONBEAM Series - LED Supplemental Lighting
  • IONBOARD Series – LED Light Boards
  • IONGRID Series – LED Grow Lights
  • IONFRAME Series – Bar Style LED Grow Lights
  • Other Brands' Grow Lights using RJ11 PWM Protocol
  • An adapter dongle that enables you to control UIS LED grow lights with your RJ11 digital controller.
  • Links same-type UIS grow lights together via splitters in a sequential daisy-chaining arrangement.
  • Compatible with programming digital controllers that use RJ11 or RJ12 telephone ports.
  • Connects many grow lights like the IONBOARD & IONFRAME series in grow rooms and greenhouses.
  • Makes UIS lighting devices compatible with other brands' controllers and accessible to their programming.
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