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AC Infinity Propagation System

AC Infinity Propagation System

AC Infinity

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A domed germination kit designed to promote successful plant growth and propagation by producing a high humidity environment. Included within the kit are the humidity dome, grow light bars, and the seedling mat. The transparent dome allows for optimal light saturation while offering easy observation of your plants’ progress. Adjustable vents on the dome offer complete humidity control through smooth and effortless rotating. Make further adjustments with the optional height extender, which can be applied to elevate the dome for cloning projects. The drip and seedling trays fit seamlessly to support up to 40 seedlings while catching excess water and preventing leaks in the process.


Includes two LED lighting bars that provide luminosity to help strengthen your seedlings’ stems and ensure their long-term health. The dome is specially shaped to fit these strip lighting to provide a platform to eliminate the need to purchase and mount external lighting. Features a timer controller with four dimming levels and timer settings that repeat daily to further maximize seedling growth.


Also includes a seedling mat that supports the dome’s highly humidity environment by creating steady heat emission beneath the tray. Lined with far-infrared film that evenly distributes warmth to heat your seedlings from below and accelerate their germination rate. The heating pad’s adjustable dial offers even greater control without disrupting growth from turning the mat on and off.


This humidity dome serves as the ideal well-regulated environment for growing seedlings and cloning a wide variety of plants including spices and aromatics. Its compact and durable design can easily fit on balconies, window ledges, in your grow tent, or any room in your home. Quickly and easily transport the domed seedling tray as needed thanks to its practical size. When not starting seeds, you can use the seedling heat mat for other settings and applications like reptile terrariums and homebrewing beverages.

  • Domed germination kit designed to improve seed starting and cloning inside a high humidity space.
  • Clear, sturdy dome with glossy finish allows light penetration and provides precise humidity control.
  • Heat mat with adjustable dial accelerates seedling growth by steadily emitting even warmth.
  • LED grow light bars maximize plant growth through uniform coverage and adjustable brightness levels.
  • Durable drip and plant trays with height extension panels to support up to 40 seedlings and clones.
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