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6 inch GRO-BLOCK

6 inch GRO-BLOCK

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The most popular rockwool (aka stone wool) for indoor growing, hydroponics and greenhouse speciality crops! Grodan GRO-BLOCK Improved, with Advanced Wetting Technology, has the optimal fiber structure and physical properties needed to grow more uniform and high-quality crops while using less water and nutrients.

Developed specifically to support large plants from start to finish, the Improved GRO-BLOCKS HUGO allows for even water distribution throughout the height of the substrate which is the basis for a robust root system with greater capacities for water and nutrient uptake. Indoor growers will experience improved plant growth, including larger plant size, greater stem thickness, and bigger fruits and flowers.

• Even water distribution maximizes plant growth and development
• Rooting occurs several days faster, speeding up the time to harvest
• Ideal aeration at the root zone — prevents overwatering and root suffocation
• Contains no weed seeds, disease pathogens or insect pests
• Size: 6″ x 6″ x 6″

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