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420 Fast Buds Purple Lemonde 5 Pack Fem/Photo FAST

420 Fast Buds Purple Lemonde 5 Pack Fem/Photo FAST

420 Fast Buds

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Arising from a cross between purple and citrus Cali genetics, Purple Lemonade FF (Fastflowering) offers a complex high made up of perfectly balanced cerebral and body effects that are ideal for daytime use. Expect an extremely enjoyable high that boosts your mood while deeply relaxing your whole body. This meticulous cross produces up to 550 g/m2 of some of the most beautiful purple buds, with pinkish and reddish hues that will catch everyone’s attention. The beautiful purple buds are ready for harvest in 7-8 weeks and come hand-in-hand with unbelievably sugary citrus terps that are just as refreshing as a cold lemonade on a hot Summer day. It’s the ideal variety for the sweet-tooth stoner seeking strains that deliver both in quality and quantity of resin.

Bud Description 


Purple Lemonade FF grows chunky, spade-shaped buds that boast a whole range of pinkish-purple hues with rich, dark orange pistils shooting out of every direction. This variety stands out for the, oftentimes, lilac trichomes that give them a gorgeous pink tint and make for outstanding purple concentrates. The buds give off a delicious tart lemon aroma that reveals a sweeter, more fruity scent as you break the buds open. Definitely a must for flavor chasers and those looking for pungent terpene profiles.

Smoke Reports 


Purple Lemonade FF offers an effect that’s just as unique as the flavor. Expect a potent uplifting high that gives you that energy boost you need to get things done while 100% happy. The effect gradually transforms into a wave that works its way along the limbs, deeply relaxing your body and putting you in the right mindset to go through a busy day with a huge smile on your face. This is an excellent all-day smoke.

Plant Appearance 


This feminized photoperiod variety develops a thick and strong structure, growing a medium-sized main cola with multiple shorter side branches, typical of hybrid strains. Purple Lemonade FF develops fairly short internodal spacing with gorgeous purple buds growing stacked on top of each other, making it the perfect choice for growers of all levels looking to get lots and lots of top-shelf purple weed, as this variety can produce up to 550 g/m2 in a 7-8 week flower cycle.

Grow Tips 


This is a super fast feminized photoperiod version that takes approximately 7-8 weeks to flower with a 5-week vegetation cycle,, this means you can have faster harvests by shortening the veg cycle or have a longer veg cycle for bigger yields. Purple Lemonade FF (Fastflowering) makes for a great candidate for growers of all levels as it’s a vigorous strain that will thrive with basic maintenance both indoors and outdoors. This is a resin powerhouse so make sure to have your trim bin close by as all the resinous sugar leaves will make for the most mouth-watering hash and extracts.



Expect a long-lasting citrus zest that taste just like it smells. Purple Lemonade FF reeks of a delicious blend of sweet fruits and tart citrus that’ll make your mouth water. On the inhale, expect sour flavors that taste just like lemon candy with hints of orange and a really subtle earthy background. And on the exhale, the citrus flavors open up, giving place to a more sugary berry fruitiness that leaves your whole mouth tasting like an extremely sweet weed-infused lemonade.

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