Cost Benefit Analysis

An excerpt from GoldLeaf

"How much cannabis can you obtain per year if you have your own little home grow operation? Anywhere between two to sixteen ounces.

Another way to put that is anywhere between $636 to $5088 worth of cannabis.

Let’s return to the example of the average cannabis user who partakes in 3.5 ounces per year.

A grow of 3.5 ounces is worth $1113. Taking away the $1500 in startup expenses, you’d only have a loss of around $400 if you choose the cannabis cultivation route. That’s still better than buying at a dispensary.

Now imagine that you’re a heavy user of cannabis who consumes twelve ounces per year. That would cost $3816 in an average American dispensary. However, you’d have a positive return on investment of more than $2000 if you grow your own.

And how much would it cost the hardcore cannabis user over five years if they bought solely from dispensaries? The answer is a frightening $19,080.

We promise this is the last bit of math in this article: What are the expected costs of a home grow operation over five years?

$1500 (first year) + $400 (every year for the next four years) = $3100, a disparity of $15,980. That's a clear win for growers.


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