Feminized Seeds

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This type of strain starts to flower once they’ve reached their adult stage and notice a reduction in light hours. In indoor grows, you can easily control light periods; they need 10h light and 6h darkness during the growth period and 12h light/12h darkness in order to flower and stay flowering.

Thanks to this, you can obtain mother plants and make your own clones and cuttings while your other plants are still growing under 18/6h light – if they stay this way they will never flower, although they do need maintenance.


Unlike photoperiod plants, autoflowers don’t depend on seasonal changes to begin flowering. After the plant develops a few branches, it begins to flower “automatically”, which is why they are named autoflowers. Suffice it to say that autoflowers will flower no matter what conditions you provide. Getting only 12 hours of sunlight? No problem – autos will still flower. Wanna complete the entire grow with a 12/12 cycle from start to finish? Sure! Autos will perform the same.



Fast Version seeds are those which have a shorter flowering period, usually a week or two shorter (compared to the original strain).

This type of strain comes from a cross between feminized, elite light-dependent strains and an autoflowering plant. However, unlike autos, fast strains depend on the amount of light received to flower; they need to have a growth period (18/6h light and dark) and then a flowering period (12/12h).

Unlike what happens to autoflowering plants, even though they have a shorter flowering period, their size isn’t affected by the flowering period, as growers can increase flowering times as much as they want, just like with feminized and regular cannabis seeds.

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