1-2 Plant Grow Tent Kit

Choose Your Controller Type:

Option 1: Wifi Integrated Controller

This central control unit can activate your grow devices in response to vapor pressure deficit levels, temperature, and humidity. Timer, cycle, and schedule modes add custom on-demand activation. Securely connect to the app via WiFi to remotely access your indoor grow system from anywhere

You want the AC Infinity 2x2 Kit with Wifi Integration

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Option 2: No Wifi Fan Smart Controller

The smart controller has multiple operation modes, 10 fan speeds, is easy to program, and automatically controls humidity and temperature with four easy settings

You want the Spider Farmer 2.3x2.3 Kit with Smart Controller

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Option 3: No Wifi Fan Speed Controller

The fan speed controller is essential for the optimal growth of your plants as it allows you to set your fan speed freely. It is the most simple option

You want the Spider Farmer 2.3x2.3 Kit with Speed Controller

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