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Simply Crafted Purple Punch Gummies

Simply Crafted Purple Punch Gummies

612 Strains

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 Set sail for serenity with 612 Strains' Purple Punch Cannabis Infused Gummies.


Each gummy bursts with the juicy rush of berries, delivering the tranquil essence of Indica in every gluten-free, vegan-friendly bite. These delicious and potent gummies are perfect for easing into a relaxed state or indulging in a peaceful night's drift.


With flexible dosing of 5mg THC per piece, they're your gentle companions for navigating life's ebbs and flows. Dive into 612 Strains’ Purple Punch THC-Infused Gummies, embrace the calm, and float peacefully to cloud nine.


  • 5mg THC  per piece
  • 50mg THC per packacge
  • Indica effects


10 count 

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