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Simply Crafted Forbidden Fruit Gummies

Simply Crafted Forbidden Fruit Gummies

612 Strains

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Embrace the allure of the orchard with 612 Strains' Forbidden Fruit Gummies.


Each gummy unlocks a garden of pleasure, ripe with the juiciest flavors and a clandestine kick of THC. 612 Strains’ Forbidden Fruit is the ultimate temptation that you’ll never regret. Packed with 5mg of THC and delicious flavors per gummy, get ready for an experience you won’t soon forget.


These vegan-friendly edibles are your ticket to paradise, inviting you to defy the ordinary with every tantalizing piece. Yield to the temptation; after all, some fruits are too luscious to resist — especially when crafted by Minnesota’s finest at 612 Strains.


  • 5mg THC per piece
  • 50mg THC per packacge
  • Indica effects


10 count 

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