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Simply Crafted Deep Sleep Blueberry Gummies

Simply Crafted Deep Sleep Blueberry Gummies

Simply Crafted

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 As the night envelops the sky, let the serene notes of blueberry accompanied by the calming essence of CBN and THC in Simply Crafted's 3:1 Deep Sleep Blueberry Gummies guide you into a peaceful slumber.


The tender, sugar-free gummies, each containing 15mg of CBN and 5mg of THC, are crafted in the heartland of Minnesota, encapsulating the tranquility of the serene nights. With a total of 150mg CBN and 50mg THC per package, these gummies are not merely a pathway to restful nights but a ritual for unwinding.


The Indica effects are a gentle whisper to the chaos, easing you into a state of relaxation and euphoria as the night’s embrace beckons. Gluten-free, vegan-friendly, keto-friendly, and lab-tested, these gummies are a soft lullaby for your taste buds, ensuring your dietary choices are respected even as you drift into dreams.


The hemp-derived cannabinoids, compliant with Minnesota's regulations, are balanced to maximize relaxation, making your evenings a cherished haven of restfulness. With Simply Crafted, each night is not just a reprieve but a journey into tranquility.

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