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Nirvana _ Blue Dream - 5 Pack Fem/Photo

Nirvana _ Blue Dream - 5 Pack Fem/Photo

Nirvana Genetics

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Nirvana's Blue Dream Feminized seeds

Nothing is said to be perfect, but Blue Dream seeds are the exception. A remarkable combination of taste, powerful effect and efficiency. This lady is highly resistant and solid, has a short flowering time and does not require a lot of maintenance.

Blue Dream Feminized was created by crossing Blueberry with Haze # 1, known to everyone for its unique flavor. We have managed to create a sativa-dominant hybrid that has inherited all the best from its parents. She is highly resistant, easy to grow, does not require a lot of maintenance and gives off an unforgettable, sweet berry flavor.


Blue Dream is a rock solid plant, which makes her suitable for growing both indoors and outdoors in all climates. Blue Dream Feminized is not afraid of wet weather or strong wind, and has a high resistance to both. Due to her sativa dominance, plants may get as tall as 150-180 cm (60-70 inches) in height. 

We recommend Blue Dream seeds to growers with plenty of indoor or outdoor growing space. She can produce a great yield while growing closely together in the Sea of ​​Green. 

The strain is highly efficient and achieves satisfactory results after only 7-9 weeks of flowering. A great variety for commercial growers because she guarantees pure profit. It is easy to grow, and it is perfect for training to increase its yield. Her THC level ranges from 16% to 20%.


These plants can grow very tall, and it is advised to leave plenty of space for the plants to grow into. They are very light hungry plants, and can take a big feeding, and will grow at an exceptionally fast rate without requiring much maintenance. 


Outdoors is where this hybrid really thrives and can grow enormous in some cases. If you are looking for massive yields of glistening, terpene rich buds, then this is the strain for you! In a hot climate, she can become a massive plant that requires support and can grow twice as big as most cultivars.

Fungal resistance

Blue Dream is well known in America for her high resistance to powdery mildew and ability to fight off mold. It’s one of the reasons she is used in so many breeding projects, making her an excellent candidate for growers living in challenging climates. 

A great choice for growers living on the East Coast or Northern Europe who experience shorter Summers and a wet Winter period. 

Flowering time


Flowering time will take 9 weeks under 12/12 before plants are ready to harvest. Some very large producing phenotypes may require 67 days to fully ripen.


Blue Dream Feminized are fast flowering outdoors despite the sativa dominance, and will produce sativa sized yields in 65 days. Buds can grow huge and be ready to harvest by the start of October.



You will see why she is named Blue Dream, as she can produce as much as 650 g/m² (2,1 oz per square foot). A wonderful strain for beginners or advanced growers, and those who enjoy plant training during 18/6 will take this superb cultivar to the next level indoors.


1200 grams (42.5 oz) per plant can be produced outdoors, making her a commercial grower’s perfect choice. With plant training and the Blue Dream seeds planted in April, the potential outdoors is unlimited.

Plant height & structure

Blue Dream Feminized will grow tall, with large sized internodal spacing, long and thin fan leaves and thick side branching. Final height can grow as tall as 150-180 cm (60-70 inches). These plants can get big and bushy, so make sure you provide extra space for these plants to grow and flower.


For those who enjoy plant training during the vegetative stage in order to get the biggest yields possible, will absolutely love how durable and well Blue Dream Feminized reacts. 

It is recommended to train the Blue Dream prior to flowering to help reduce the final height once stretched. 

We recommend SCROG if you have a small grow space, and Sea of Green if you have a large space and limited height. It is a good idea to also use a net trellis or bamboo canes to add support once flowering commence, due to the excessive weight of the side branches. 

Smell, taste and effect

Blue Dream Feminized is a must-have for every connoisseur of the best flavors.

Smoking a joint with Blue Dream is reminiscent of an exotic beach at sunset and blue waves gently caressing your feet. This variety guarantees complete relaxation, interspersed with the feeling of happiness and euphoria. Its name did not come from nowhere.

It does not cause unwanted side effects such as anxiety or feeling of tiredness. It gives off a truly unique aroma that is addictive after the first breath. Be ready for the berry sweetness that will fill up your mouth and make you fall in love endlessly. 


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