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Milwaukee Calibration Solution Sachets (Multiple options)

Milwaukee Calibration Solution Sachets (Multiple options)

Canna Cribs LLC

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M10032B 1382 ppm TDS Calibration Solution Sachets

M10032B is a lab grade 1382 ppm TDS solution standard prepared against a NIST traceable potassium chloride solution that allows you to recalibrate your conductivity meter or tester. Check your meter or tester's manual to find the correct calibration standard for your meter.

M10000B Electrode Rinse Solution

Electrode rinse solution is ideal for using as an intermediate rinse between samples or calibration solutions to avoid cross contamination. This rinse solution is also ideal for removing basic salt deposit buildup on the probe or cap caused by storage solution evaporation. Even though salt deposit buildup is normal, it should be removed before measurement or calibration.



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