Spider Farmer LED Information


Why SF Series?

The SF Series stacks up with the top LED Grow Lights on the market of all time, a Cost-effective led grow light for indoor grow tents, grow boxes, and cabinets. plug & play design, easy to set up.

When you need a powerful light, the SF series is your go-to light fixture, offering a compact and cost-effective option with excellent light penetration. Quantum board led with Samsung LM301B diodes. The dimming daisy chain function can connect several lights together.

SF1000 Grow Tent, Cabinet 2'X2' 100W 200W 2.5µmol/J 1 x IR
SF2000 Grow Tent, Cabinet 2'X4' 200W 500W 2.5µmol/J 2 x IR
SF2000PRO Grow Tent, Cabinet 3'X3' 200W 500W 2.7µmol/J 2 x IR
SF4000 Personal home grow, Commercial 4'X4' 450W 600W 2.7µmol/J 4 x IR
SF7000 Personal home grow, Commercial 5'X5' 650W 1000W 2.8µmol/J


Why G Series?

The New G Series LED Grow Light Stacks Up With The Top LED Grow Lights On The Market, At A Fraction of The Price!

Our G Series LEDs are designed and manufactured with a purpose. We aim to create an affordable premium grow light, with high and uniform levels of PPFD across the entire canopy. You can count on our G Series LEDs to perform reliably, even in the toughest grow room environments.

G3000 G4500 G8600 G1000W
PPE 2.75 µmol/J 2.8 µmol/J 2.8 µmol/J 2.9 µmol/J
PPF 824 µmol/s 1262 µmol/s 2391 µmol/s 2922 µmol/s
Flower Coverage 2′X2′ 2'X4' 4′X4′ 4’X4′
Veg Coverage 3′X3′ 3′X5′ 5'X5' 5'X5'
Demension 24.02″X24.02″X2.95″ 45.31''X22.83''X3.42'' 45.31″X45.31″X3.03″ 45.31″X45.31″X3.03″
Grow Tent Compatible 3'X3′ 2'X4′ 5'X5' 5'X5'
Recommended Fan Size 4-Inch 4-Inch 6-Inch 6-Inch
Dimming function
Daisy chain


Why SE Series?

These lights are very easy to install with an embedded buckle design and easy assembly - no additional tools are needed. It is equipped with a dimmer knob, can connect up to 30 lights together, each in control. Perfect for commercial grows as they can work in a CO2 environment. 

Designed with Samsung LM301B diodes, these have high efficacy up to 2.9umol/J and a long lifespan. The lights are full spectrum with a new layout design, suited for seedlings, veg, and flowering. There is uniform PPFD distribution. Our new style allows reduced heat over the canopy due to the extension cord attached to the power supply allowing it to be outside the grow room and reduce temperatures inside. 

SE3000 SE5000 SE7000 SE1000W
Wattage 300W 480W 730W 1000W
Diodes 896pcs 1680pcs 2688pcs 3710pcs
PPE 2.75umol/J 2.8umol/J 2.8umol/J 2.9umol/J
PPF 808umol/S 1368umol/S 2044umol/S 2758umol/S
Veg Coverage 3'x3' 4'x4' 5'x5' 5'x5'
Flower Coverage 2'x2' 3'x3' 4'x4' 4'x4'
Recommended Fan 4-Inch 6-Inch 6-Inch 6-Inch
Dimension 24.02"x24.02"x2.95" 33.86"x33.86"x3.54" 45.31"x45.31"x3.03" 45.31"x45.31"x3.03"
Dimming function


What is the difference between the G series and SE series?

For growers who are working within a limited budget but require high returns, the G Series is the best choice.

The G Series features Bridgelux diodes, while the SE Series is equipped with Samsung diodes. Both of these brands are well-known in the industry and are considered reliable. Samsung is renowned as a leading diode manufacturer, while Bridgelux is a local American manufacturer with 21 years of experience.


In the picture below, we have listed the data for both the G-Series and SE-Series.

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